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MOSh were formed in 2003 by vocalist Cav, who asked Dezz to play guitar in a band, an thus the legen began. Recruiting Tommy Raymo n Jordan, the band was born, but unfortunatley it didnt last. Tommy n Jordan left, being replaced by Ian Waddell and Jamie Mackie, but Jamie and Dezz had tension so Jamie left, and xCallumx took his place. Although eventually, both guitarists were fired in favour of Alan n Jamie Mackie again. But in the end, Jamie left and Dezz returned. MOSh then went on a rampage of gigs, even doin support slots for Man Must Die and The End, n Transmission 0. in late 2004 Ian Waddell, Raymo, and Dezz all left the band, but after a 1 off last time ever Alan n Cav were re-joined by Raymo n Ian. However in march 9th was the last gig with Raymo as drummer, who chose 2 play for Psyko Dalek. MOSh are confident that they can get another drummer an continue to make their mark in the scene.